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I had watched in amazement as the Home Remedy team swept into action over the course of a single day to assist my daughter in moving into her new home with her 3 young children while her husband was away. I was so impressed with how efficient they were, anticipating her every need and working tirelessly to ensure that by the end of the day her whole family were totally settled in with everything beautifully folded and positioned in its correct place.

As a result of watching them in action, I decided to take the plunge and requested their help in preparing my 3-bedroom apartment for the painters (who I had organised to start in a couple of weeks). I am a busy professional lady, and I was overwhelmed by the prospect of having to pack away the contents of my furniture that the painter would need to move, together with the fact that I had managed to fill every storage cupboard and area with ‘stuff’ that I and my 3 children had accumulated over the past 25 years in the apartment.

It was not without a little bit of trepidation that I welcomed Caroline and her team into my home, totally unsure as to how to proceed.

I need not have worried at all – Caroline, Kate and Jill were so well organized, calm and supportive as they gently helped me to work through each area of the house, wrapping delicate items, putting aside items that I no longer had use for (to be taken to charity), bagging broken or unusable items, and helping me to cull my over-filled wardrobes to leave a much more relevant, workable and easily accessible storage area for my clothes. What for me was an almost insurmountable task was handled by them seamlessly and so productively. My kitchen is so much more usable now, only storing items that I need, and with everything in the perfect place. For me, I did not even have to think of how to dispose of the items that were being removed in dozens of cartons and bags – the Home Remedy team took them for me to the appropriate charities where they could all be made use of.

In addition to helping me to declutter so painlessly, whilst also seamlessly preparing the apartment for the painter, Caroline suggested that I install new kitchen and bathroom drawer and door handles to lift the look of the existing cabinetry; she simply turned up with 3 different choices, and then arrived on the next visit with the complete set of replacement handles (which as she predicted made a huge difference!). In addition, Caroline organised for a handyman to select and install a new wall-mounted cupboard for me in the laundry – I have no idea why that had never occurred to me in my 25 years use of the laundry in the apartment!

I look now at my beautifully refurbished place and am so grateful for the wonderful assistance and support that I received, knowing that without them, I simply could not have done what needed to be done.


“When we sold our house in May this year, two friends suggested I contact Home Remedy to help pack up my collection of forty two years living in an over one hundred year old house. It was full of books, artworks, bric a brac - inherited treasures acquired and collected over the years. What good advice this proved to be.

Caroline came for a reconnaissance and prepared a quote this was for packing, she negotiated an agreement arrangement with removals company to transport our goods to Tasmania and arranged for their storage until we found a new house. She arranged to have the required packing goods delivered in a timely fashion and at an appropriate time for us.  She and two other helpers started the enormous task of wrapping, boxing and labelling.  It took three solid days to complete.  The team was at all times discrete, respectful, tactful, organised and totally professional. No detail escaped - even bed linen was washed prior to packing. Personal effects were carefully handled, packed and labeled. 

 Unpacking when we received our goods at the other end made me realise what an amazing job Caroline and her team had achieved.  There were no breakages and things required were easy to find.

Caroline supervised the up-loading of the two containers of our goods on two consecutive days. She then arranged for and supervised window cleaners, carpet shampooers and general cleaners to go through the house making it ready for its new owners. All this was done in my absence but with my full confidence in her ability and integrity that it would be perfect.

I have every confidence and pleasure in submitting this reference and unreservedly recommend this professional, friendly efficient team for any task relating to removals, renovations, restorations, decluttering or decorating advice.”


“Home Remedy gave our family home a complete once over and can’t wait for them to return again and again and again. 

Things that I have had on a ‘to do’ list for years were sorted in a matter of hours – furniture restoration, electrical issues, donation of kids toys, kitchen cupboards reorganised and so many other things. I wish that Home Remedy had sorted me out sooner.”


“Dear Danielle

I LOVE YOUR LADIES!!!! Seriously, I’m over the moon about the result and will certainly be looking for help with next stages. As a single Dad, they took beautiful control of the situation and delivered a great outcome.

Please thanks the ladies”


“Caroline, Kate & Julia were exceptional in what they do and how they did it. There knowledge, experience, compassion & wisdom wrapped in together made for a first rate service. Thank you. In the busy lives of the world today the team took the time in amongst it all to guide and teach my daughters and myself life skills that will be with us for ever. Thank you.

The Home Remedy personable service added so much value, made the juggle of things much easier and ultimately made it a special memory saying goodbye to Cremorne and nesting into our new homes. Again, thank you.

One very happy client”


“Some Kind of Wonderful are the team at Home Remedy! Due to personal circumstances we were forced to sell our family home. With all the stress that was my life, having Danielle and her team looking after me with every step of the move was the silver lining.  Caroline and the girls packed up my home with efficiency and professionalism. On the big move day, they coordinated fabulous removalists who moved everything without a scratch. They were patient and willing to make a few changes to positioning of furniture to get it just right.  When it came to unpacking, this is where the real treat was. Not only did they unpack every box, they had a style and expertise way beyond my skill level which meant that furniture was placed in great locations and my kitchen..... oh my kitchen.... I had tears of joy when they showed me the layout of cupboards and drawers - everything placed in a logical and tidy position.  I can't recommend Home Remedy highly enough. Thank you Dan and your amazing team. “


“Thank you to the the wonderful Home Remedy team who so efficiently and respectfully deconstructed our home into its boxes and subsequent containers. I simply couldn’t have done it without you, especially in the manner and timeliness you managed it. The house was in excellent condition for its new owners who must now be feeling it become theirs. Thank you!”