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If you have any question about how we work and what we offer, We may be able to help answer them below.

Short Term Rental Furnishing

We have financing options available. Enjoy the flexibility of paying for your furnishing investment with your rental income over the period of time that suits you.

Click here to see further details on how you can use our financing partner to help pay for your furniture package

A simple 4 step process is all it takes to get your property ready for short term letting/Air Bnb:

Step 1: We help you decide on the best style for you to fit your budget, location, and target guest.

Step 2: You’ll receive a full set of design briefs and inclusions for your approval

Step 3: We order every item and collate your delivery at our warehouse ready for installation

Step 4: One the agreed installation day, our professional stylists and logistics team deliver and prepare your property until it is photo ready

We sure can. Through our custom furnishing options, we incorporate your existing furniture with new cushions, art and other carefully and strategically selected furnishings to make your property feel brand new.

Absolutely! Once we receive the details of your property, where it is located and who your target guest is, we work with you to decide which style will be best suited to bring in the most revenue for your property.

Allow 2-3 weeks from finalising your quote and design briefs to installation. Then all the work is done on one day, no matter what size the property, ensuring we have you photo and guest ready as soon as possible.

We sure can. Through our custom furnishing options, we incorporate your existing furnishing with new cushions


Decluttering and downsizing

Why take it with you if you don’t need to? Let our team start your move with sorting and decluttering. We can arrange to donate, sell, or discard the items you no longer need.

Packing and organising

We provide all packing materials – bubble wrap, paper, tape, boxes, porta-robes, you name it! And of course, hard work, determination and a great deal of care and consideration to ensure everything arrives at your new home in perfect condition.

Moving services

From our removals and logistics team to our art hangers, painters, handymen, carpet cleaners, house washers and gardeners – our trusted team of tradies make the move into your new house seamless. We will organise and coordinate your trades, so you only need to deal with the one person at all stages of your move.

Unpacking and Styling

With all the decluttering and organised packing done – unpacking is a breeze. Everything is unpacked in a way that best makes sense, is practical, in order, categorised, colour coordinated and labelled. Our styling team can help you source any new furniture, accessories, and artwork you might need, and help set up your home so that it looks fabulous from day one!

Absolutely! We offer our packing and decluttering services starting from a 4 hour block. Whether it be packing or unpacking just a single room, getting some direction on where to start, breaking the back of the whole job or a full head to toe move, with even a little bit of help from our highly skilled team, there is no doubt you will feel much more optimistic about the tasks ahead.

We’ve seen it all, don’t worry. There’s not too much that phases us! You can be sure that our staff are judgement free and highly discretionary.

We understand that moving home for the first time in a long time can be a highly stressful and daunting thought. Compassion and empathy are core values to our relocations team. Our team can assist you, one room at a time to make sure that your home is decluttered and packed up with the utmost care and consideration.

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